Lifetime tests of 600-V GaN-on-Si power switches and HEMTs


High voltage off state (HVOS) has provided a high field related MTTF of 3 × 108 h with low process variability
High temperature DC (HTDC) testing demonstrated high temperature MTTF of 6 × 108 h at 150 °C use temperature
High temperature operating lifetest (HTOL) at 175 °C under hard switching conditions shows no degradation for up to 3000 h.


We present the first systematic lifetime tests which show excellent long-term reliability for 600 V GaN-on-Si power switches.High voltage accelerated life testing in the OFF-state yields a field related mean-time-to-failure (MTTF) greater than 3 × 108 h for a 600 V operating condition. High temperature accelerated testing in the ON-state gives an MTTF of about 6 × 108h at a 150 °C use condition. High temperature operating life testing using hard switched boost converters at 175 °C shows no measurable device degradation after 3000 h of operation. These results show that the intrinsic reliability of the new device technology is more than adequate for commercial and industrial power electronics applications.


  • GaN-on-Si power switch
  • GaN-on-silicon switch
  • GaN switch
  • Reliability
  • Accelerated life tests
  • HEMT
  • Cascode
  • HTRB
  • HTOS
  • HTOL
  • Field acceleration factor;
  • Temperature acceleration factor

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