Modulating the morphology of ZnO nanorod arrays on SiOx-mask-patterned GaN template


The highly ordered ZnO nanorod arrays were fabricated on SiOx-mask-patterned GaN template.
The ZnO morphology was controlled by the nucleation state, which can be modulated by PH value through adding ammonia.
The regular arrays were the perfect support for a freestanding monolayer graphene.


Highly ordered vertically aligned ZnO nanorod arrays are fabricated via a recyclable SiOx-mask-patterned GaN template by hydrothermal method. The morphology of ZnO nanorods can be modulated, and the mechanism is studied for the first time. The modulation depends on the nucleation state, which can be tuned by varying PH value through adding ammonia. Tight contact is observed between a monolayer graphene and the smooth surface of the arrays due to the uniform height and horizontal c-plane of nanorods. The ZnO nanorod arrays are characterized by XRD and Room-temperature PL.


ZnO nanorod
Epitaxial growth
Crystal growth


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