Spontaneous formation of {1 bar 1 0 1} InGaN quantum wells on a (1 1 bar 2 2) GaN template and their electroluminescence characteristics

Discrete dies of the light-emitting diode (LED) fabricated on a (1 1 bar 2 2)-oriented GaN template exhibited electroluminescence peaked at 467 nm and optical output power was greater than 200 µW at 20 mA. The LED was found to have quantum well structure grown on spontaneously formed {1 bar 10 1} facets, confirmed via transmission electron microscopy. Polarization switching was observed in luminescence perpendicular to the device surface: the dominant polarization was parallel to [bar 1 bar 1 2 3]. The device structure was shown to be advantageous for photovoltaic cell applications by evaluating photo-induced current, although piezoelectric effects on photocurrent were not explicitly determined. The filling rate of band-edge states was estimated to be 0.025 eV per decade of current via low-temperature electroluminescence measurements.


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