Nonpolar a-plane ZnO films grown on GaN/sapphire templates with SiNx interlayer by pulsed laser deposition

Nonpolar a-plane ZnO films were deposited for the first time on nearly lattice-matched a-plane GaN templates using an in situ SiNx interlayer by the pulsed laser deposition method. The symmetric and asymmetric reciprocal space mappings reveal the broadening effects of the reciprocal lattice points and the residual biaxial in-plane tensile strain of a-plane ZnO to be 0.335% and 0.055% along the [0 0 0 1] c-axis and [{1\,\bar {1}\,0\,0}]  p-axis, respectively. The photoluminescence spectrum at 85 K is dominated by neutral donor-bound excitons and free-electron-to-bound (e-A0) emissions; relatively intense LO-phonon replicas of (e-A0) have also been observed in a-plane ZnO. Temperature-dependent PL spectra have also been discussed to identify the origin of the emission peaks. Up to fourth A1(LO) phonon mode can be observed to be enhanced significantly from the resonant Raman spectrum.


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