Selective-area growth of periodic nanopyramid light-emitting diode arrays on GaN/sapphire templates patterned by multiple-exposure colloidal lithography

Gallium nitride-based nanopyramid light-emitting diodes are a promising technology to achieve highly efficient solid-state lighting and beyond. Here, periodic nanopyramid light-emitting diode arrays on gallium nitride or sapphire templates were fabricated by selective-area metalorganic chemical vapor deposition and multiple-exposure colloidal lithography. The electric field intensity distribution of incident light going through polystyrene microspheres and photoresist are simulated using finite-different time-domain method. Nitrogen as the carrier gas and a low V/III ratio (ratio of molar flow rate of group-V to group-III sources) are found to be important in order to form gallium nitride nanopyramid. In addition, a broad yellow emission in photoluminescence and cathodoluminescence spectra were observed. This phenomena showed the potential of nanopyramid light-emitting diodes to realize long wavelength visible emissions.


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