Single-crystal nanopyramidal BGaN by nanoselective area growth on AlN/Si(111) and GaN templates

We report nano-selective area growth (NSAG) of BGaN by MOCVD on AlN/Si(111) and GaN templates resulting in 150 nm single crystalline nanopyramids. This is in contrast to unmasked or micro-selective area growth, which results in a multi-crystalline structure on both substrates. Various characterization techniques were used to evaluate NSAG as a viable technique to improve BGaN material quality on AlN/Si(111) using results of GaN NSAG and unmasked BGaN growth for comparison. Evaluation of BGaN nanopyramid quality, shape and size uniformity revealed that the growth mechanism is the same on both the templates. Further STEM analysis of BGaN nanopyramids on AlN/Si (111) templates confirmed that these are single-crystalline structures without any dislocations, likely due to single nucleation occurring in the 80 nm mask opening. CL results correspond to boron content between 1.7% and 2.0% in the nanopyramids. We conclude that NSAG is promising for growth of high-quality BGaN nanostructures and complex nano-heterostructures, especially for low-cost silicon substrates.

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