GaN nanowire templates for the pendeoepitaxial coalescence overgrowth on Si(1 1 1) by molecular beam epitaxy

GaN nanowires are grown as templates for pendeoepitaxial coalescence overgrowth at substrate temperatures between 720 and 820 °C on Si(1 1 1) by molecular beam epitaxy. The unintentional coalescence of nanowires is suppressed with increasing substrate temperature. Simultaneously, the width of the donor-bound-exciton transition at 3.472 eV decreases down to 1.6 meV. The length distribution of the GaN nanowires strongly influences the morphology of the pendeoepitaxial layer after coalescence.


  • A1. Nanowires
  • A3. Pendeoepitaxy
  • A3. Molecular beam epitaxy
  • B2. GaN-on-Si

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