Effect of Stress in GaN/AlInGaN Grown on GaN Templates with Different Stress States

We clarify the effect of the stress in GaN templates on the subsequent AlInGaN deposition by simply growing 150nm AlInGaN on a 30 μm GaN template (sample 1) prepared by hydride vapor phase epitaxy and a 2.3 μm thin control GaN template (sample 2) prepared by metalorganic chemical vapor deposition. X-ray diffraction and secondary iron mass spectroscopy measurements reveal the stress states (tensile stress and full relaxed for samples 1 and 2, respectively) and compositions (Al0.169In0.01 Ga0.821N, Al0.171In0.006Ga0.823N for samples 1 and 2, respectively) of AlInGaN. By carefully eliminating other possible factor, as template surface roughness, it is concluded that different stress states of AlInGaN should stem from different stress states of GaN templates.

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