Polarity control of GaN grown on pulsed-laser-deposited AlN/GaN template by metalorganic vapor phase epitaxy

We report on the polarity control of GaN regrown on pulsed-laser-deposition-grown N-polar AlN on a metalorganic-vapor-phase-epitaxy-grown Ga-polar GaN template. The polarity of the regrown GaN, which was confirmed using aqueous KOH solutions, can be inverted from that of AlN by inserting a low-temperature GaN (LT-GaN) buffer layer. We hypothetically ascribe the Ga-polarity selection of GaN on the LT-GaN buffer layer to the mixed polarity of LT-GaN grains and higher growth rate of the Ga-polar grain, which covers up the N-polar grain during the initial stage of the high-temperature growth. The X-ray rocking curve analysis revealed that the edge-dislocation density in the N-polar regrown GaN is 5 to 8 times smaller than that in the Ga-polar regrown GaN. N-polar GaN grows directly on N-polar AlN at higher temperatures. Therefore, nucleus islands grow larger than those of LT-GaN and the area fraction of coalescence boundaries between islands, where edge dislocations emerge, becomes smaller.

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